An escort described to a jury how she and her male companion were beaten and stripped by two alleged robbers.

Wallington men, Cameron Wylie, 28, of Rectory Lane, and Russell Stowell, 34, of Guy Road, broke into an alleged brothel, in Wallington, demanding money on October 25 last year, Croydon Crown Court heard on Monday.

The victim was in her flat with companions, Rishi Navjee, and a female friend, when the defendants allegedly burst in.

The jury were shown CCTV images allegedly showing the men leaving the ‘brothel’ and Stowell carrying Mr Navjee’s trousers over his shoulder before the pair made a getaway in Mr Navjee’s car.

The victim, who owns an escort agency, gave evidence yesterday and said Mr Wylie and Mr Stowell pushed the door open as she opened it, went into the living room and placed beer and a litre of whiskey on the table.

She said: “I asked them to leave my apartment. One of them grabbed me by the neck and they started asking me ‘where is the money bitch?’

“I tried to explain that I had no money but he didn’t want to understand what I was saying. He kept asking ‘where is a knife? Where is a knife?’

“I tried to run towards the door and then he grabbed me by my hair from behind and he pulled me back into the living room.

“He started beating me up and squeezing my neck and he kept asking ‘Where is the money? Where is the money?’ while the other male started on Juliana.

“He threw [the other woman] to the floor. Rishi tried to stand up and they pushed him back to the sofa.

“They asked us to take our clothes off and we refused to take our clothes off. Then they started beating up and assaulting Rishi. They told him to take his trousers off.

“He was saying ‘no’ and they would assault him and beat him up more. Then he took his trousers off. They found his wallet and the keys to his car and they asked him ‘where is your car?’

“Rishi remained silent and they beat him up again and then he said it is in the car park.

“One was more violent and telling the other one to take my clothes off. Then he came to me he was pulling my blouse and my bra.

“He started touching my breasts. I was pushing him off and asking him to stop. Then they kept searching the drawers in the kitchen.”

She said the men took their mobile phones, Mr Navjee’s trousers, his wallet and car keys and left.

The escort, who advertises her services on various internet sites, told the jury on Tuesday that Mr Wylie was the more aggressive one who was telling Mr Stowell what to do and added: "The man looked extremely mad and I believe if he had found the knife he could have killed me.

“It was the first time in my life that someone has beaten me up."

Following the incident, the woman went outside to see if she could find Mr Navjee’s trousers. However, there was no sign of them so she lent him some of hers and they walked to Wallington Police station.

Mr Wylie and Mr Stowell  deny three counts of robbery. Mr Stowell also denies one count of sexual assault.

The trial continues.