A mum left battered and bruised at the hands of a violent thug has called for her attacker's slap-on-the-wrist sentence to be reviewed.

Sean Bowman beat up Vicky Kitchenham in the car park of the Butterchurn Pub two years ago in a savage attack that left her covered in cuts and bruises, damaged cartilage in her nose and missing clumps of her hair.

Sutton Guardian:

Sean Bowman

He then went on the run only to be caught after he committed two burglaries and then phoned police, goading them and challenging them to catch him. They arrested him a day later and he was sent to court where he was fined for the two burglaries but only got a caution for the assault.

While Bowman is free to go about his day to day business, Miss Kitchenham said the incident has had profound effects on her and her son's lives and that she still suffers anxiety attacks and she has got in touch with the Attorney General to review the sentence.

It takes just one complaint on a sentence to trigger a review meaning Bowman could yet be jailed for his crime.

Miss Kitchenham said: "It's still so difficult. Two years later I still suffer because of it. It affected my son, his education suffered because he was having to look after me. It really got to him and he ended up getting arrested twice in just a couple of months and I think that's because I was struggling so much I lost sight of being a mother.

"But now I feel strong again and I can't let this lie. I was scared of him but I'm not any more and I can't let my son grow up seeing that violence towards women can go unpunished."

Miss Kitchenham said the incident happened after her then-partner befriended Bowman. Her partner had a drinking problem and had promised to stop but a day later she saw him in the Butterchurn with Bowman.

She and her partner argued and the dispute spilled out into the pub's car park where Bowman launched his attack.

Sutton Guardian:

Miss Kitchenham fought back tears as she told the Sutton Guardian what happened. She said:

"He pulled me to the floor and started kicking me. He punched me and pulled my hair and said 'I'm going to f***ing kill you'."

Bowman was arrested at his girlfriend's house in Horley on February 21 after calling police the previous day.

He was ordered to pay £429 in fines and given a caution for the assault.

Miss Kitchenham lodged her appeal this week. The Judicial Service and the Attorney General's office said they cannot comment on individual cases.