Rare birds of prey living on the top of a Sutton skyscraper have laid their first egg of the year.

The breeding pair of peregrine falcons living on the roof of Quadrant House have been preparing to lay for several weeks and Gwen, the female of the pair, laid her first egg this morning.

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One of Sutton's peregrines in flight

Gwen is expected to lay several more eggs, possibly as many as five, over the coming days before incubating them. In the meantime she and her partner Perry will take it in turns watching the eggs, which are laid in a 'scrape' on the ground rather than a nest.

Rob Dolton, leader of a group of volunteers that watch the birds using cameras mounted on Quadrant House, said: "We're really pleased they've laid. This is a very exciting time."

Usually peregrines lay three to four eggs but in 2011 Gwynn was one of only a few peregrines to lay five.