Anyone who is not registered to vote has until May 6 to make sure they can take part in upcoming elections.

Sutton Council elections take place on Thursday, May 22, but the deadline to make sure you can vote is approaching.

There are more than 147,000 people eligible to vote in Sutton but only those who are registered can cast their votes.

Niall Bolger, chief executive of Sutton Council, said: "We want to ensure that no-one misses out on their right to vote simply because they aren't registered.

"Some people think that you’re automatically registered once you pay council tax, but that isn't the case. Others may think they’ve already missed the deadline.

"But it’s not too late.  People can still help choose the person they want to represent them locally for the next four years. If you don't register, you can’t vote, and so you can’t have a say."

People can register to vote by visiting If you have changed your name or moved house you can contact electoral services by emailing