A driver who claims she was fined for taking a slurp of a Slush Puppy while she was in a traffic jam has hit out at police.

Wallington woman Sophie Vaughan said she was sitting in a traffic jam in Carshalton having a sip of her bright blue raspberry flavour iced drink when a passing policeman slapped her with a £100 fine for driving without due care and attention.

She said four officers attended while she was given the fine in her Ford Ka convertible.

The 22-year-old branded the officers "petty and ridiculous".

She added: "I wasn't even moving. I'm outraged.

"To have four police officers dealing with such a petty thing is a joke."

According to the law, if a motorist is doing anything that could result in their driving falling below an acceptable standard, then they could be driving without due care and attention.