A cinema fan could have created the next big screen snack craze to sweep the country.

If salty or sweet popcorn are not interesting enough for you, Sutton woman Alexandra Blue has come up with a flavour that could soon be sold at cinemas nationwide - she calls it Wowee Wasabi.

Ms Blue, 37, entered a competition run by  Empire cinemas that asked film fans to come up with an idea for a new flavour of popcorn.

The contest's judges liked Ms Blue's idea so much they chose it to be one of six flavours to be put forward to a public vote with the winner getting to see their creation be made into a reality.

Ms Blue said she chose the Japanese horseradish because "popcorn needs something to heat it up, how about a wasabi kick?".

Other flavours to make the shortlist include Sunday roast, fish and chips and margherita.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/EmpireCinemasSutton to vote for Ms Blue's flavour.