A school is not axing its plans for a huge sports dome beside a nature reserve, but is looking at improved pedestrian access and parking.

Nonsuch High School for Girls in Ewell Road, Cheam, confirmed yesterday that it intends to make some amendments to the plans it has submitted to Epsom Council for its proposed new sports facilities.

This follow a meeting with Sutton Councillor Mary Burstow, who had complained about a lack of consultation with resident and her colleague, Councillor Graham Witham.

But the school is not intending to axe or scale down its controversial, 48-foot-high, dome, insisting that lighting and dome technology, along with the planting of more trees, will minimise its light and visual impact on the surrounding area including Warren Farm - grassland and woods owned by conservation charity the Woodland Trust.

Head teacher, Peter Gale, said it was a productive meeting and the school would be discussing the suggestions raised with its architects over the next few weeks.

Asked whether any other alterations were being contemplated he said: "In terms of other changes - nothing major - just an ethos that we are happy to listen and adapt as we move forward."

Despite complaints that Epsom Council has failed to consult widely enough over the planning application, it emerged that it had asked Sutton Council for its views and it responded last month that it had no comment on what is being proposed.

A spokesman for Epsom Council added: "The school is within the Borough boundary of Epsom and Ewell.

"It does however border Nonsuch Park. The park whilst within the boundary of Epsom and Ewell is joint managed with Sutton Council. The Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee is aware of the application."

He said that when the school amends its plans the council will re-consult residents by sending out new letters and putting up notices, ensuring people have ample opportunity to give their views within the three week consultation period.