A teenage girl remains in hospital with a fractured skull and a broken pelvis after she and her friend were run down by boy racers in Carshalton's St Helier estate.

Neighbours said the incident has not come as a surprise and told of drivers racing around the estate on a nightly basis. 

Chanize Angel Laker, just 16 years old, was with her friend when two cars, which were apparently racing each other, sped towards them in Welbeck Road, on the St Helier Estate, shortly before 9.20pm on Saturday.

One of the cars, believed to be a blue Vauxhall Corsa, narrowly missed the pair but the second car, a silver hatchback believed to be a Nissan, ploughed into Chanize and her friend Daniella Arnold.

Sutton Guardian:

Chanize (left) and Daniella were both injured in the collision

Daniella, 14-years-old, escaped with a broken kneecap and bruising but Chanize was thrown as far as 60ft through the air and landed in the road.

She fractured her skull, broke her pelvis in three places and broke her wrist. The silver car is believed to have stopped as the driver saw Chanize lying bloodied in the road but then sped off.

Police are hunting the drivers and believe they may live on the estate while neighbours who say the road has a problem with boy racers are appealing to people to slow down or risk a tragedy.

Chanize's uncle Steve Wright said: "Chanize is in hospital. She's awake and talking but she's on a lot of pain killers and I don't think she knows how badly injured she is.

"She's got a fractured skull and 30-odd stitched in her head and a broken pelvis.

"Apparently one of the cars stopped and saw the pair of them covered in blood and just drove off. He left them for dead.

"Her dad is distraught, everything has just been thrown up in the air."

Sutton police are appealing for anyone who thinks they know either of the drivers to get in touch.

Police Constable Glen Hall said: "We believe the drivers may live in the local area so we want to hear from anyone who has information about two friends who are known to drive a Nissan and a Vauxhall - and about a Nissan that has been damaged during the last weekend."

Mr Wright, along with other members of both girls' families, has been placing posters around the area appealing for information and for drivers to be more careful.

Sutton Guardian:

Steve Wright with one of the posters put up in the area around Welbeck Road

Neighbours have backed the calls and say the area is popular with drivers who regularly race each other on the streets, often leaving tyre marks on the road.

Welbeck Road man Carl Farmer, 54, said: "When I heard about what happened I was sad but I wasn't surprised. If anything, I'm just relieved it wasn't worse because this road is a nightmare.

Sutton Guardian:

Welbeck Road

"Every single night I hear screeching tyres, I try to look out of my window and get their registrations but they're always moving too fast.

"I think there are a group of car nuts who think it's cool or whatever to race around the estate.

"I hope this will be enough to make them think about the way they drive."
Carly Walshaw, 32, added: "They need proper speed bumps down here and speed cameras.

"I hear them every day, racing past. The other day I came out and there were tyre marks in the road. It's like they think it's a race track."

If you have information that could help police, you can call officers on 101 or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.