Two quick-thinking bank workers stopped an elderly customer falling victim to a scammer who demanded £1,000 for unnecessary work at her home.

Staff at Barclays in Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, became suspicious when the woman, in her 70s, came in with a scribbled demand for £1,000 to be transferred from one account to another at a different band - a request she said needed to be completed urgently.

The woman told staff it was for sewerage work at her home but personal accounts manager Kris MacKay and cashier Gina Derham were suspicious as this was out of character and they knew Thames Water had recently completed work in the area.

Under Sutton's banking protocols scheme - backed by police, trading standards, town centre businesses, and Sutton Council - anyone who thinks a customer may be falling victim to a scam is encouraged to call police. The staff members did this and officers came to the bank to talk to the woman.

They visited the woman's address and also spoke to neighbours who said they had been approached and asked for money as well, although none had handed any over.

The woman did not end up paying any money to the scammer and the staff who stepped in have been presented with certificates thanking them for their fast actions.

Ms Derham said: "You know straight away when something isn't right."

Mr MacKay added: "I was thinking that if that was my relative, I would want someone to help."

The pair were given their certificates by acting Chief Inspector Neil Tyre and Sutton Mayor Councillor Sean Brennan.

Ch Insp Tyre called the pair's actions "partnership work at its best".