An elderly woman was rescued after being found collapsed and unable to reach her panic button by two police officers.

PCSOs Mario Palermo and Diane Smith were on their way to carry out a routine check on the 85-year-old at her home in The Mount area as her eyesight has been deteriorating on Thursday, April 17.

She did not answer her doorbell but the officers could hear her radio, which suggested she was at home.

They peered in through the living room window and saw the woman lying face down on the ground.

She was concious but was barely moving.

The officers called on other police unites and an ambulance. They forced entry to the property and were able to get inside and help the woman.

PC Alan Boyle said: "The officers found that the woman could not reach her panic button which was under her chest and pressed against the floor.

"Had these officers not checked, the resident could have been there for a considerable time.

"This is typical of these two officers who both know their community and its residents - and are prepared to do whatever it takes to help keep people safe".

The elderly woman was taken to hospital for treatment.