Parents have reacted in fury after failing to secure places for their children in September.

Competition for primary school places in central Wimbledon is so fierce a family living within 500m of three schools failed to receive any of their top choices.

Mother-of-two Helen Wada said despite living so close to Wimbledon Chase, Pelham and Dundonald Primary schools her son missed out on all six choices.

Mrs Wada, who works full-time, said: "Unless you can get childcare for them you can't drive two miles in traffic every morning. It's just not practical.

"Then you've got the community aspect, so they wouldn't have friends from local schools."

Last week we revealed 76 families have not been offered a place at any primary school in Merton. A further 127 have been offered a place, but not at one of their six choices.

Nikki O'Rourke is also frustrated her son was not offered a school place.

She said: "Our three choices were Dundonald, Wimbledon Chase and Hollymount which all have really small catchment areas so we don't fall in any school catchment area at all.

"I have to look after my little one and trying to get someone across the traffic at that time of the morning, it's difficult."

Mrs O'Rourke, who applied to open a free school in Wimbledon after her son was not offered a nursery school place, said friends in Wimbledon have been offered primary schools in Mitcham.

A council spokesman said the council is working on ensuring a further two classes are made available within their schools by September.