Improve your bird call and song recognition and learn more about the feathered creatures on a guided early morning walk.

Sutton Council’s biodiversity officer David Warburton is leading the event and will help you recognise all the different bird songs around Carshalton’s parks and nature reserves.

Sunday’s (May 4) walk costs £4 per person and starts at 5am at the Sutton Ecology Centre, The Old Rectory, Festival Walk, Carshalton.

The council's biodiversity manager, Hendryk Jurk, said: “Local parks and open spaces are heavily used by people during the day but as the sun comes up, the birds are the ones in control.

"A gentle stroll will impress upon you the diversity of life under your nose (or at least, up in the trees).”

“Sutton Council works hard to ensure that our parks and nature reserves are managed to allow wildlife to thrive, whilst also enabling people to get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

"As the year progresses, why not take the opportunity to learn more about our local natural history and one of the joys of spring?”

Go to or call 020 8770 5820 to book the walk.