A daring adventurer from Cheam narrowly avoided being caught up in an avalanche on Mount Everest that killed 16 people.

Entrepreneur Roger Davies, 61, was leading an expedition up Everest when an avalanche struck higher up the mountain and killed 16 Sherpa guides and porters on April 18.

The Cheam man was leading a group as founder of the Unfinished Business Society, a group that aims to bring groups of people together to take on challenges.

The expedition's aim was to make the 5,545m ascent to Base Camp Everest.

They achieved their aim after 14 days of climbing and altitude acclimatisation but were left shocked after hearing the news that tragedy struck just four hours further up the mountain.

Jan Meek, who founded the Unfinished Business Society with Mr Davies, said: "We watched from our windows in Lukla as the helicopters arrived bring the bodies down from the mountain, all of them known to our own guides and some of them we had met and talked to only the day before."

The Unfinished Business Society was founded in the memory of explorer Tom Crean who supported Captain Scott on his expedition to the South Pole in 1912.

Both, along with several others, died during the trip but Mr Crean did not achieve the same notoriety as Captain Scott as he only supported the mission.

The Unfinished Business Society's aim is to bring a group of people together to complete Mr Crean's journey in his memory. The trip to Base Camp is the first phase of preparing for that challenge.

Mr Davies said: "Everyone from the group reached Base Camp and was able to face world’s highest mountain.

"We are delighted we had a chance to lead such a great team of interesting people each with their own story and unfinished businesses."