A thug who killed a disabled man with a single punch will not have his four-year prison sentence extended.

Sutton man Lewis Gill killed Asperger's sufferer Andrew Young by punching him in the face after an argument in Bournemouth November.

Gill swung a single punch at Mr Young that knocked him to the ground and caused him to hit his head on the tarmac. He was taken to hospital but died the following day.

Gill, 21, of Ridge Road in Sutton, was jailed for four years for the manslaughter of Mr Young, 40, but the sentence prompted more than 300 complaints suggesting it was too lenient.

Sutton Guardian: Lewis Gill, who pleaded guilty to a single charge of manslaughter

Lewis Gill

The outcry prompted a review but Court of Appeal Judges twice ruled the initial sentence was not unduly lenient.

Attorney General Dominic Grieve presented the case at the court of appeal this morning. Following the verdict he said: "This was a case of gratuitous, unprovoked violence.

"It was broad daylight when Lewis Gill delivered a very deliberate, forceful and vicious punch.

"I asked the Court of Appeal too look again at this sentence as I believed it was unduly lenient.

"They have taken the view that the four-year sentence imposed on Lewis Gill should not be increased and I accept their decision entirely."

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened after Mr Young directed a racist insult at Gill's friend who had been cycling on the pavement.

Mr Young told Gill's friend to "go back to the jungle" prompting Gill to throw a single haymaker-style punch at the vulnerable man.

Gill's mother Sherren O'Hagan, who still lives in Ridge Road, is reported to have said she did not know "what all the fuss is about" when her son's actions made the headlines.