Can you spot the difference between these two images of a proposed  45ft tall sports dome?

The one where the dome is almost invisible behind trees and planting was released this week by Nonsuch High School for Girls in Ewell Road, Cheam, the other was put out by campaigners opposed to its plans.

The images were released as the school revealed that it is now looking at reducing the height of the dome, near to Nonsuch Park, following criticism from residents and councillors.

Headteacher Peter Gale said yesterday: "We are working with the architects to see if the dome can be lowered by 3 metres (approximately 10 feet).

"We are considering lowering after listening to some of the points made by local councillors and residents. The school is very happy to listen to practical suggestions that help all interested parties."

He explained that the images released by the school of how the 45 ft high dome would look are: "visual verifiable montage’ VVM - this means they are correctly scaled verifiable images showing the proposed development and its surroundings before and after the landscaping."

The proposed dome would be the size of three netball courts next to Warren Farm, which comprises grass and woods owned by conservation charity the Woodland Trust.

Sutton Guardian:

Image of the dome before planting, provided by school

In response to concerns raised over traffic at the proposed sports centre, he said: "We are very happy to work with local residents to support a 20mph speed limit outside the school.

"There will be more than 51 car parking spaces available on site in the evening, since the existing staff car parks would become available.

"We are considering how we could improve pedestrian/cycle access. There would be little extra traffic at peak times."

He said many residents and community groups are in favour of the dome, adding: "We will try to balance the needs of the students with the concerns expressed by some residents."

In response to the proposed lowering of the dome, objector Neil Denny, said: "On a basic level that’s good news.

Sutton Guardian:

Image of dome after planting, provided by school

"A smaller dome is better than a bigger dome but that’s about a third of the problem. There would still be a flood-lit all-weather pitch and running track, which would create noise, traffic and congestion in Cheam."

In an objection submitted to Epsom Council, Suzanne Burrell of Holmwood Close, Cheam, raised concerns over traffic, noise pollution and lighting at night.

She said: "The proposed 45ft structure would dwarf the local trees and would be a permanent eyesore as is not in keeping with the local architecture.

"Please safeguard the beauty and quality of life the local area currently offers by declining permission.

"Should it be allowed to go ahead, I for one, would consider moving away from an area I have lived in for around 30 years."

See the plans, with reference number 13/01517/FUL, at