A water leak in Cheam that has been gushing for several months should fixed this weekend - but customers may have to go without water for a night.

But work planned by Sutton and East Surrey Water at the crossroads where the Broadway meets Ewell Road will mean that people and businesses in the area will lose their water supplies overnight on Saturday into Sunday.

Water has been leaking from a pipe at the main crossroads in Cheam since January. Initially it was thought surface water at the junction was caused by flooding, and then it was suggested an ancient spring could have been revived.

But tests revealed the leaking water contained small amounts of chlorine and was drinking water. Works in April aimed to fix the problem but failed and now the company is doing a major project over the weekend sort the issue out once-and-for-all.

There will be a temporary four-way traffic light system set up on Saturday morning while the road is excavated with work going on overnight - neighbours have been warned that there will be some noise.

The lights will remain in place until Sunday afternoon while the road is resurfaced, according to a letter sent to neighbours.

The letter says the water supply to Station Way and Cheam Mansions will be interrupted overnight but has warned the supply to a "wider area" could be affected. It also says: "It is possible that as a result of our works, some customers may experience cloudy water.

"This is nothing to be concerned about as it is harmless.

"However, in the unlikely event that you do experience any cloudy water at any time, we recommend that you don't leave your taps running but check the supply at regular intervals."

Cheam Councillor Mary Burstow said: "If it has to be done, it has to be done - I'm just irritated by how munch water will have been wasted.

"I have asked Sutton and East Surrey Water to make sure the water is only switched off after 10pm so it doesn't cause problems for the restaurant trade."