A school has confirmed that it will be resubmitting plans for a controversial sports dome after they were withdrawn last week

The move on Friday sparked excitement among campaigners opposed to Nonsuch High School's plans to build a controversial, 45ft-high sports dome next to a nature reserve in Cheam.

But the headteacher has confirmed that revised plans will be submitted in the summer.

Peter Gale said: " The planning application will be resubmitted in either June or July. There is some further work we need to do on it.

"There is actually a lot of support for it – from local primary schools, community groups who would like to use it at weekends and in the holidays as well as from parent and students.

"Many people believe that additional sporting facilities would enhance the community – increasing participation rates amongst both young and old."

Last week he said the school was looking at reducing the height to 35ft, would support a 20mph zone outside the school and was considering how to improve pedestrian and cycle access.

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