Sutton Council is strolling out a new scheme to get people walking to work.

The initiative is part of the ‘Living Streets National Walking Month’, which started on May 12 and is running until May 20.

Those who take part can keep track of their miles by registering on the campaign’s website.

It also informs walkers how many calories they have burned.

Mary Morrissey, Strategic Director of Environment and Neighbourhood at Sutton Council, said: "National Walk to Work Week is the ideal time to give walking a go.

"Walking to work may not be suitable for everyone but a large proportion of people do travel walkable distances to work. 

"It is an easy form of exercise. It is free and requires no special equipment. I hope that as many people as possible are able to take part."

Living Streets state regular walking helps with disease prevention, weight management, and mental health.

The charity works to make streets attractive spaces that put pedestrians first.

To register visit: