A family who lost their car keys while feeding some ducks want to reward a group of boys who handed them to police.

A couple and their seven-year-old son put their car keys down while they were feeding ducks at Carshalton Ponds on Saturday.

They then left the area to play crazy golf and have something to eat before realising they left their car keys behind.

They searched the area and contacted the Westcroft Leisure Centre and Sutton Council before getting in touch with police.

The police gave them the good news that three boys, aged about 10-years-old, had visited the police station to hand in the keys earlier in the day.

Now the family is trying to trace the boys so they can thank them and give them a reward.

The mother, who asked not to be named, said: "You hear so many negative stories about young people but these boys deserve to be thanked and rewarded for doing the right thing."

Police say the boys were polite and well-mannered. One of them had dark curly hair.

If you were one of these boys or the parent of guardian of any of them, you can visit Sutton police station to have your details passed on to the family.