A collie called Colin and a husky called Patch could both be destroyed if their owners cannot control them.

Both animals have been made the subjects of dog control orders after their owners failed to keep them from posing a danger to other members of the public.

Patch the husky attacked another dog in Whitby Road, Carshalton, on Monday, January 20, after police made repeated attempts to work with its mother and son owners who live in Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, as the dog had a habit of escaping into public places.

Colin the Collie was deemed to be behaving in a dangerous manner during an incident in Mulgrave Road, Sutton, On Wednesday, January 29.

Croydon magistrates imposed dog control orders on the dogs earlier this month meaning they must be kept on a lead, wear fully enclosed muzzles, be spayed or neutered, fitted with a microchip and cannot be walked by anyone aged under 18.

Colin the Collie must wear a lead and muzzle even if he is being exercised in his owners communal garden and Patch must be secured in his owners' garden with adequate boundary fencing.

If these orders are not followed, then the dogs could be destroyed.