The UK Independence Party got the most votes from Sutton voters in the European elections.

Ukip polled 27 per cent of the vote in Sutton, beating the Conservatives into second place with 25 per cent and the Liberal Democrats into third with 20 per cent.

Sutton's vote in the European election contributed to the overall London vote.

London is represented by eight MEPs who are elected via proportional representation, meaning the eight seats are divided between the parties according to how many votes they got.

Overall Labour won more votes in London meaning it has four London MEPs, the Conservatives have two and UKIP and the Green party have one each.

Sutton bucked the trend in London where UKIP only managed to poll 17 per cent of the overall vote.

UKIP's proportion of the vote in Sutton increased from 17 per cent in 2009. Many voters appear to have rejected the Liberal Democrats, whose share of the vote dropped by six per cent, in favour of UKIP while the Tories share of the vote dropped by two per cent.

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