Schools in Sutton are not being encouraged to ban pupils from swapping football stickers in the run up to the World Cup.

Many school children around the country have been told by their schools they cannot trade collectible World Cup football stickers.

But in Sutton, the council has said it does not see any reason for children to be banned from swapping the Panini stickers and will leave decisions up to the schools themselves.

Sutton Guardian:

The official World Cup sticker album

A council spokesman said: "Sutton Council does not have an official position on this. It is for individual schools to decide on issues such as this and we would not seek to impose a standard view."

Several schools around the country, including one in Yorkshire, have told  children they cannot bring the stickers into school as they have distracted children and even caused fights.

The stickers, featuring star players set to appear at the tournament in Brazil, are popular among children and adults and collectors are encouraged to swap stickers they have duplicates of for ones they need.

Has your pupil's school banned football stickers? Do you think they should be allowed or not? 

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