Plans to build flats on top of a Waitrose have faced opposition from members of the community.

If permission is granted six flats will be developed on top of the supermarket in The Broadway, Cheam.

The work will include an outdoor staircase and balustrade, along with alterations to an existing car park.

The final consultation is set for June 12, when it will be decided whether or not the plans will go ahead.

If permission is granted three one-bedroom flats, two two-bedroom flats, and one three-bedroom flat will be built.

The proposal will also see four sycamore trees pulled up to make way for the work.

Roy Jakes, 76, who has lived in The Broadway for 6 years, said: "It is an ugly building now and it will be even uglier then.

"It is going to have a flat roof as well, which is not in keeping with the look of Cheam.

"If the building goes up it will partially block my view, and will block the view of my neighbours above me even more.

The application was submitted by Signet Planning on April 15.

Cheam Councillor Mary Burstow said: "Whilst we all love Waitrose, I have not yet met a person who likes the building. 

"It is a horrible 1960's eyesore, totally out of keeping with the buildings in the rest of the village. 

"Now they want to make it an even bigger eyesore. 

"The development also involves the removal of four sycamore trees.  The trees survived the building of Palace Court, so why should they be cut down now?"