Aztral Playns describe themselves as a heavy psychedelic rock band, and play largely improvised sets across east and south London.

They draw inspiration from the likes of Black Sabbath, Dinosaur Junior, Bad Brains and Black Flag.

The 3-piece band play songs that run on for around 10 minutes, which merge into one long track when performed live.

Since they formed 3 months ago Aztral Playns have been gigging in Kingston South, Camden, and at a handful of house parties.

Their singer and guitarist is 20-year old Tom Cox, who lives in North Cheam and works at The Cock and Bull pub on Sutton High Street.

He said: “The three of us like all different sorts of music, we pull in inspiration from all over the place.

“We don’t play songs of a conventional length, so we’re not really the sort of band that get played on the radio

“We mess around a lot when we play live and try out different things until we hit something that sounds good.”

The other members are 24-year-old bassist Sam Walsh from Raynes Park, and 24-year-old drummer Renzo Garcia from Wimbledon.




Check out this video of them performing at The Lock Tavern in Camden:

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