A 14-year-old expectant father was teased at school before he was found hanged in a bedroom at his grandparents' house, an inquest heard.

Liam Hardy, of Lancaster Way in Worcester Park, was looking forward to the birth of his child but had been struggling with difficulties in his personal life and at school prior to his death in November 2012, Croydon Coroner's Court heard today.

The court also heard how his mother felt support services did not listen to her concerns about Liam and felt no one took her seriously.

Liam, a popular pupil at Carshalton Boys Sports College who enjoyed going to Sea Cadets, was found hanged in a bedroom at his parents’ house in Stonecot Hill on November 19, 2012.
He died in hospital eight days later.

Sutton Guardian:

Liam Hardy with his mum Janine

At today’s start of a week long inquest, the court heard how Liam had made threats on his life since he was eight-years-old and was prone to self-harm.

The court also heard that Liam was due to become a father and had been planning for the arrival of his child.

But his mother Janine Hardy told the court he had been bullied at school over his impending fatherhood.

She said: "He was worried about it like any young person would be. He was very excited and he always referred to the baby by the name they had chosen for it.

"It was really quite grown up of him. I was very proud of him.

"There had been a bit of trouble [at school].

"He was very hurt by the comments. A boy was verbally abusing Liam then Liam said some stuff back to him and the boy hit him in the face five times."

The court heard Liam suffered from epilepsy as a child but had grown out of the symptoms in recent years. The court heard that he had problems at school from a young age and his anger would manifest itself in violent outbursts towards Ms Hardy at home.

Liam and Ms Hardy sought help through various sources including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) which assigned a specialist to work with Liam.

But Ms Hardy told the court Liam did not get on with the specialist and refused to cooperate.

She said various social services worked with Liam but always believed him when he told them he was fine even though she told them about her concerns.

Ms Hardy added: "No-one took us seriously."

The inquest is expected to continue until the end of this week.