A rottweiler named Hulk could be destroyed after it injured a woman and savaged her dog earlier this year.

The black and tan dog escaped from its home and attacked the woman and her west Highland terrier as they walked in Tewkesbury Road in Carshalton on Monday, January 6.

The woman was bitten on the hand and her dog was bitten twice.

Hulk's 30-year-old female owner was summonsed to appear in front of Croydon magistrates on Monday June 2.

The panel imposed an order meaning Hulk must be kept on a lead and wear a muzzle, can only be walked by people aged over 18 and must be neutered and microchipped.

Hulk is also not allowed to roam outside the boundaries of his home and must be secured before the front door is opened.

If the order is not followed, Hulk will be destroyed.