Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake is backing a campaign to protect the rights of Brazilian protestors.

In the last year the South American country has seen a record number of demonstrations.

There is anger at the government for splashing out huge sums of money on World Cup stadiums, while poverty grips the nation.

People there want better healthcare, better education services, and more affordable travel fares.

As the World Cup infrastructure has taken shape, Brazilians have grown concerned about the impact on local communities.

An estimated 300,000 protestors descended on Rio de Janeiro alone, wanting to stop the World Cup from coming to the country altogether.

The nationwide demonstrations have exposed the Brazilian police’s lack of ability to deal with large crowds.

They have often responded with excessive and unnecessary force, and have resorted to the use of tear gas, pepper spray, stun grenades and rubber bullets.

As people all over the world anticipate a vibrant and entertaining tournament, Mr Brake is keen to shed light on the darker side of Brazil.

He said: "The conduct of the Brazilian police is unacceptable and as a society we cannot allow law enforcers to intimidate citizens in this way.

“The beautiful game brings people together for some emotional and joyful moments and should not be the cause of violence.”

Sutton Amnesty International has contacted the Brazlian ambassador as part of their ‘Give them a yellow card’ campaign.

The initiative aims to protect the rights of Brazilian protestors.

Mr Brake is also fighting alongside the parents of Neil Juwaheer, the holidaymaker who died in a Brazilian police station in July 2007.

The former estate agent's parents believe he was beaten to death by police, but the officers say he died after swallowing a packet of cocaine.

In their seven year pursuit of the truth the family have pushed for a DNA test to be carried out on the bag.

Mr Brake made contact with a Brazilian ambassador on May 27. encouraging them to arrange for the testing to take place.