People power is being mobilised to make an accident black spot safer.

It comes just days after a biker was seriously injured in Malden Road, Cheam, where a number of accidents have taken place in recent years.

Now people are being encouraged to take part in a pedestrian survey in a bid to reduce the number of accidents.

Cheam Councillor Mary Burstow said: “We want to find out where people are crossing the road. 

“The results of the survey will be given to Sutton Council road traffic engineers, to help determine where the new pelican crossing is located.

“It will also help us see if the traffic islands are in the correct position, and if they need to be larger. "

In December last year a 12-year-old girl was knocked down by a car at the zebra crossing in Malden Road.

On June 4 this year a biker was left seriously injured after colliding with a lorry by the same crossing.

Local campaigner Loredana Beasant, said: "We already have a number of people helping, but we could do with more to make sure all three sites are fully covered."

Teams will be surveying between 8am-10am and 2-4pm on Thursday June 26. 

If you want to help out email