The Whitehall Museum marked its 36th anniversary in style, swinging its doors open to the public for a tudor-themed celebration.

Visitors learned how food was cooked and prepared in the 1500's, and enjoyed live music played by a pair of minstrels.

The day was organised by Friends of the Whitehall, who attended the event suitably dressed in tudor attire.

The Whitehall was built sometime around 1500, and is thought to have been a farmer’s house.

It opened as a museum in 1978, and is based in Malden Road, Cheam.

Hundreds of people passed through the doors for the anniversary celebrations, which took place on Saturday, June 14.

Catherine Pell, the museum curator, said: “It was a really successful event.

“It was great to see all of the Friends of Whitehall getting involved.

“There was wonderful live music, with activities and demonstrations for people to enjoy.”

Sutton Guardian:

The Whitehall Musuem is in Malden Road, Cheam

Sutton Guardian:

Friends of the Whitehall dressed up for the anniversary