A woman whose North Cheam house went up in flames this morning, said if it happened at night she would be dead.

Elizabeth Fasino, 67, was eating breakfast in her Trafalgar Avenue home this morning when two men working for the council alerted her to the fire.

The retired nurse was in the conservatory round the back as the flames gutted the front of her house.

She managed to get out through the front door which is to the side of the property.

It is unclear when the fire started but the London Fire Brigade were not called out until 11:49am when it was reported by a neighbour. 

The fire was put out at roughly 12:30pm this afternoon.

The cause is still unclear, and is being investigated by the Fire Investigation Team.

The heat melted Mrs Fasino's car as well as part of their neighbour's vehicle.

Sutton Guardian: Heat from the fire damaged two vehicles

The flames melted the side of Mrs Fasino's Mercedes

Mrs Fasino said: "The flames were enormous and going right up to the roof.

"If it had been at night then we would not have survived.

"I am devastated but relieved that me and my dog are OK.

"I was terrified, it was so hot I can not describe it.

"I will have to get onto my insurance company and stay at a hotel for a bit."

The fire happened at 37 Trafalgar Avenue, North Cheam.

Two fire engines were sent to the scene and the blaze was tackled by 20 firefighters.

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