A kitten whose head was crushed in a reclining armchair has made a miraculous recovery.

Butch had sneaked under the chair out of curiosity, when his owner’s partner sat down without knowing he was there.

The Bengal cat belongs to Toni Beckett, who owns the Pet Corner pet store in Rosehill, Carshalton.

The unfortunate kitten was one of a litter of three born at her home ten weeks ago.

Ms Beckett’s partner Paul accidently delivered the blow when he pulled the recliner out to relax.

Ms Beckett said: “We both jumped up when we heard him cry, it was agonising. 

“He was not moving so I carried out initial CPR then took him straight to Stone Lion Vets in Wimbledon.   

“It was clear he was very seriously ill and I did not really think I would be bringing him home.  It was devastating.”

After the kitten was seen by a vet Ms Beckett was told there was a slim chance it would survive.

But two days later he started showing signs of recovery and is now recuperating at home.

Roger Bralow, head vet at Wimbledon-based Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital, added:  "Cases of head trauma can vary enormously as the brain is so fragile. 

“For the first couple of days we were unsure whether Butch would survive and, if he did, whether he'd be able to live anything like a normal life. 

“We gave him round the clock care and he amazed us by going on to make the progress in two days.”

The incident took place on Sunday, June 15.