A young girl who was diagnosed with cancer at 3-years-old is celebrating after winning a Little Star Award.

Zara Chowdhry, 7, collected the prize at a special event organised by Cancer Research UK.

Zara, who goes to Avenue Primary School in Belmont, suffered with a type of kidney cancer called a Wilms’ Tumour.

She had to undergo chemotharpy and radiotherapy, before making a full recovery in August 2011.

The Little Star Awards party was organised to recognise the bravery of children affected by the condition.

Sutton Guardian:

Zara with Eastenders actress Maddy Hill

20 children were chosen to attend the event, where they met celebrities and did experiments in a wacky science lab.

The party was attended by Eastenders actress Maddy Hill who plays Nancy Carter, and stars of the kids show Go!Go!Go!

The awards were handed out by TV presenter Gaby Roslin.

Zara and the rest of the winners also had a real-life star named after them as part of the prize.

Her mother Laila Chowdhry, 37, said: "My daughter is very brave.

"Because she was so young she did not have the all the emotional baggage of knowing what cancer is.

"She just got on with, it was really inspirational."

Ms Chowdhry and Zara are from Belmont.

The Little Star Awards Party took place at Kensington Roof Gardens in Kensington on Saturday, June 21.

Sutton Guardian:

Zara with the stars of Go!Go!Go!