Warren Mead Junior School in Banstead is already one of the few schools who have been awarded Gold Bike It status. They provide many cycling events throughout the year. Sandra Cunningham, Head teacher mentioned just a few of their annual events, “Our children enjoy Bike It Breakfast (after cycling to school with parents and siblings), Cycle to The Downs for a well-deserved picnic, cycle playtimes and we even have cycling events during Sports Day! More advanced cyclists are challenged to ‘off-road’ cycling adventures through the common! Knowing how to cycle safely is paramount!”

Halfords have recently introduced in-school bike maintenance workshops across the UK. Mrs Cook-Abbot, Warren Mead’s Bike It Champion seized this new opportunity! “Our aim is to encourage children to cycle! This year we have broadened provision even further… the Police came and security tagged approximately 90 bikes and now we have introduced a bike maintenance session in partnership with Halfords!”

On 18th June, Halfords provided a workshop for Year 5 & 6 Warren Mead pupils. The children gained hands-on experience of basic bike maintenance and safety. This included finding and fixing punctures and how to adjust both saddle and handlebars. The team from Halfords also shared common cycling hazards to avoid. This was a valuable and worthwhile session which the children enjoyed and all were awarded a certificate for their achievements.

Based on information supplied by Sandra Cunningham.