A misleading parking restriction has cost motorists more than £5,000 since 2010, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The Sutton Guardian highlighted a misleading parking restriction in Clyde Road, Sutton, after it caught out a charity worker earlier this year.

The only people allowed to park in Clyde Road are those with residents' permits. However, until earlier this year the street had an active pay-and-display machine dating back to 2009 when it became residents only.

Between 2009 and 2014, 48 motorists were fined a total of £5,280 for parking in the street - many of these drivers had bought tickets from the machine in the belief it allowed them to park there when, in fact, the nearest active pay-and-display space is in nearby Collingwood Road, which has its own machine.

Sutton Council turned off the offending machine earlier this year after we highlighted the case of a charity worker at The Chris Donovan Trust, based in Clyde Road. She was fined £110 for parking  with a ticket from the machine but appealed against it and got her money back.

Ray Donovan, who runs the Chris Donovan Trust, said: "First she didn’t make a claim, so many people just said ‘oh I’ll just pay it’.

"But she came into a meeting and told us she got the money back.

"It’s brilliant we were so pleased for her."

"I think [Sutton Council] have been quick, very fast to respond, thanks to the Guardian."  

The redundant pay-and-display machine has been switched off, however it still remains in position and neighbours have called for it to be removed completely to end all confusion.

Clyde Road man Charles Cornwell said: "I think the job will be done when they've taken the machine out. That has got to be the conclusion."

Have you been caught out by the machine? If so, contact the newsroom on 0208 722 6359.