He might be the last person you would expect to rub shoulders with at a coffee shop in Worcester Park.

But celebrity international football star (and incredibly good looking male model) David Beckham was in Costa Coffee on Saturday morning.

Barista Diana Tothova, 29, said: "He was nice and fine. He was just a normal customer. I wouldn't say I am a football fan but yes, I did recognise him.

"He was on his own."

Asked if she managed to get an autograph or a selfie, Ms Tothova said: "I didn't want to bother him".

Other Beckham fans were slightly more flustered by his appearance.


One fan even mocked up her own picture.

Beckham's 15-year-old son Brooklyn has been reported to be working in a West London coffee shop - but not believed to be Worcester Park.

Have you met someone more famous than David Beckham in Worcester Park?