Twenty-one-year-old rapper and singer Louis Macklin started writing songs seven years ago, and went on to study music at Nescot College in Epsom.

As a performer he goes by the name Poltz, and has developed a trademark uplifting and upbeat style.

Poltz cites Eminem as one of his main inspirations because of the honesty and intensity of his music, and is also a fan of British singer Sam Smith.

His latest track Wish Upon a Star is all about believing in yourself and achieving your dreams – a theme that crops up often in his work.

His first album is currently in the making with the working title Fear, and Poltz is keen to get his music out there by getting on the live music circuit.

Listen to Ain't You

He said: “In five to 10 years I want to still be in music doing what I love. 

“It’s not about being famous, it’s all about getting my ideas out there and sharing my message.

“Wish Upon a Star is my most recent track, and the one I am most proud of.

“Everything is now directed towards putting on more gigs and writing even better songs."

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