A trio of animal lovers are forming a charity to rescue stray dogs from terrible conditions at "kill camps" in Romania.

Last month the Bucharest Court of Appeal suspended the law that says stray dogs should be killed within a fortnight of capture, but the UK women say the slaughter continues.

Jennifer Gilbert, from West Hill, Epsom, and Lisa Webster, from Sherwood Park Road, Sutton, went out to save dogs from a filthy shelter near Bucharest earlier this year.

Sutton Guardian:

Rescue work near Bucharest

Together with Rachael Welch, who helped with fundraising, they brought over a lorry-load of these dogs and have managed to rehome them.

Now the woman have applied to register a charity, UK Romanian Dog Rescue, in order to save lots more dogs from public shelters before their execution.

Miss Webster said: "We are going to be doing this forever I imagine. It’s become such a huge part of our lives.

"It’s heartbreaking, there are so many dogs out there who are so desperate."

Sutton Guardian:

The first batch of dogs that left Romania

Their first mission is to bring over the rest of the dogs who they rescued but had to leave behind earlier this year.

Five dogs arrived the weekend before last, three dogs arrived at the weekend before last and three more on Saturday.

In addition, Miss Webster said: "There are another 15 dogs we are still fighting for. As soon as we can find homes we will be bringing them over."

She appealed for people to come forward to give loving homes to these dogs. She added: "It’s difficult to sleep knowing that they are out there."

Last month animal welfare organisation Four Paws said the Court of Appeal had ruled in their favour to suspend the legal framework that allows stray dogs to be killed.

The law came into force in October after an incident in which a little boy was fatally mauled by dogs.

Gabriel Paun, director of campaigns at Four Paws, said: "The court’s decision to suspend the killing is a clear, independent signal that the law has not worked.

"We are delighted with the court’s decision and will now continue with our final goal of abolishing this law completely."

But Miss Webster said the killing has not stopped. She said: "They are still being slaughtered in really horrible ways. It is a step forward but I don’t think in the short-term it has changed anything"

Miss Gilbert said: "People ask why we are not helping the UK dogs, the UK dogs live in five star shelters compared to Romanian, they are treated humanely and if euthanized it’s done humanely and not with a shovel to the head.

"Our future plan is not to just bring dogs back, but to start education and trying to change the law so we can implement neuter programs."

To offer donations, assistance or adopt one of the dogs please email liswebster@gmail.com or jenngilbert1977@gmail.com.