An internet user has spoken of his shock  after he spotted a 13-year-old Roundshaw youth using a social network to sell knives.

The boy posted a picture of three knives on photo-sharing network Instagram with the caption "selling flip knifes[sic] dm[direct message] mee[sic]" yesterday.

Several of the boy's friends on the social network have approved of the status by 'liking' it.

The boy's Instagram profile also appears to show him taking drugs and features pictures of graffiti and guns, although the guns are not believed to be real.

The internet user who spotted the posts said: "I was just shocked when I came across it. To think that there's kids on Roundshaw walking around with those, it's a nightmare.

"I just want to improve the estate and bringing this to people's attention may hopefully go some way to doing that.  

"He's only about 13. I saw all the pictures on Instagram of him smoking what I suspect isn't a cigarette.

"He just epitomises what's happening to local teenagers - it's awful to watch.

"I just don't know how we break the cycle."

Police have been notified of the account.