The dangers of going to raves have been highlighted in a letter from police to secondary schools

Sutton police have written to the borough's secondary schools to ask them to discourage pupils from going to unlicensed raves after the deaths of two teenagers in London in recent months.

The letter said: "It is important that those of us with responsibility for safeguarding young people do all in our power to prevent a further tragedy. The Met Police seeks your assistance with this by asking you to address your students, and their parents, on the dangers of attending such events."

Raves often take place in disused buildings that may not be safe. The events are often also associated with drug dealing, under-age drinking, overcrowding and anti-social behaviour.

The letter continued: "Frequently raves will commence without police being aware. This emphasises the importance of education by schools and parents.

"Parents are asked to be vigilant around their children’s use of social media and robust questioning them about their night time activities outside of the home." 

Croydon 16-year-old Daniel Spargo-Mabbs died after a rave in Hayes, West London, in January, and 15-year-old Rio Andrew from west London died after a rave in Croydon in June.

Anyone with information about an upcoming rave can contact police on 101.