Crunch time is coming for a controversial community centre after figures revealed the scale of its losses.

Sutton Life Centre in Alcorn Close cost the council £329,933 to operate last year but only attracted 12,695 paying visitors.

Although the amount the visitors paid varied, to break even each visitor would have to have paid £25.98. It is understood the average price of a visit is around £9 per school child.

Sutton Council said the centre, built at a cost of £8million in 2009, received a total of 137,976 visitors but most use the free services it provides, like the library.

A spokesman said, as the council strives to make £40million in savings over the next four years, decisions will have to be made on what services to keep as part of the Sutton's Future programme, and the Life Centre will be part of this.

Opponents of the centre, who have branded it a "vanity project" have called on the council to cut its funding but the council says it will be up to members of the public to decide whether its benefits are worth the cost.

Councillor Tim Crowley, leader of the Conservative opposition on Sutton Council, said: "We've known for the last five years that the Life Centre isn't sustainable and now it seems that the council has come to its senses all of a sudden.

"It's already cost the taxpayer a huge amount of money, we're subsidising a vanity project with a large amount of money and it can't go on."

Earlier this month, Sutton Council revealed plans to cut spending over the next four years in line with reduced Government grants. Since 2011 it has cut spending by £32million.

The council spokesman said: "The Life Centre was used by 137,976 visitors in the last financial year and cost £329,933 to run. The facilities include a library, a community centre, meeting space, and a climbing wall. The centre is used for community events, a space for schools exhibitions and has a multi-use games area.  

"As with everything the council is doing, given the financial challenges ahead, we will be reviewing all services as part of Sutton’s Future."

The Life Centre has attracted controversy since before it was built, especially when it emerged that the council signed up to a deal to pay Chelsea FC £60,000 to promote the centre in 2012, a deal that has since ended.