Police are asking young people for their help in making the borough safer.

Officers are looking to speak to 11- to 19-year-olds about areas near their homes or schools where they feel unsafe. They also want to hear about their views on drugs, anti-social behaviour and  about how they think police officers should treat them through a survey.

Specialist schools officers went out in Wallington's Roundshaw estate to speak to young people and ask them to complete a survey. They also went to the Belmont festival on July 13 and patrolled as children finished school on July 18.

So far officers have around 600 responses but they are seeking more.

Acting Chief Inspector Neil tyre said: "Sutton is known for its good schools and we are really keen to talk to young people and hear their views in an honest, open and approachable way so we can understand what’s important to them. We really want young people to feel they are able to talk to us.

"We can then work with our partner organisations like Sutton Council about how we can address their issues and provide long-term solutions to make young people feel even safer in what is a low crime borough and one of the safest in London."

He asked that parents encourage their children to  complete the form. 

The form is available by visiting bit.ly/1qJTIAo