OneWordStories have been gigging all over London since forming roughly five years ago.

The three-piece grunge-indie outfit regularly play in Kingston, Camden, and Kings Cross, and occasionally keep it in Surrey when they perform in Epsom.

Singer and guitarist Daryl Desmond and bass player Martin Heath, both in their 30s, have known each other for years, while drummer Lee Duffell used to release 1980s dance tracks under the name DJ Rum.

The three musicians came together when they found themselves in need of a new band.

OneWordStories were set to launch an album called HeartBox last year, but lost the hard-drive with all their tracks on.

Daryl said: “It was a nightmare – we lost the whole thing just like that.

“Lee has a recording studio he built in his garden, and that’s where we put together all our tracks.

“We are redoing the whole thing, luckily we remember how to play the songs so all we have to do is record them again.”

Daryl is from Sutton, Martin from Worcester Park, and Lee is from Tolworth.

Daryl said: “We gig all the time, but have never played in Sutton.

“There are plenty of bands here, but they all have to play in Epsom or London. There is nothing here for the music community – no independent record shops, no venues.

“Sutton is a big enough place – there needs to be at least one or two places for bands to perform.”

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