Musical innovators The Soap Company have dabbled in just about every style of music you can imagine.

The Croydon-based trio told Hear in Sutton their output includes edgy synth pop, post-punk via ambient, classy pop, and teeth-baringly malevolent techno.

The Soap Company’s core is Anthony Barrett, Fujie Yoshimoto, and Lorraine Jones, but the threesome constantly collaborate to create their experimental sound.

Anthony now lives in Croydon, but spent roughly 20 years of his life residing in various parts of Sutton.

The group produce their tracks using samples and instruments at the Berry Street Studio in Farringdon in the City of London.

In the three years since their inception they’ve put out six EP’s and four albums, with their open-door policy on collaboration helping them explore an eclectic mix of styles.  

The Soap Company is currently running under its Japanese name, but Anthony has forgotten how to say it.

He said: “There’s a pool of musicians we use and work with, so we have access to a lot of talent.

“We like that abstract, cinematic feel to what we do.

“If I had to pin down one thing as our key inspiration, it would be film music- like the Blade Runner score or the one for The Man Who Fell to Earth.”

The Soap Company’s philosophy is to manufacture whatever music they feel like making at the time, and they have opted not to get on the live music circuit.

Anthony is from Croydon, Fujie is from Kentish Town, Lorraine Jones is from Banstead, and all the members are around their late 30’s.

The Soap Company - "Are You Actually Alive?" (Feat: Craig Yamey)

Anthony also shared his views on the Sutton music scene.

He said:  “Like Croydon I think there is some great music in Sutton, but communities within local music tend to be quite clicky.

“They all go to each other gigs and get to know each other, I think sometimes they need to do a bit more to get out there and become known.”

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The Soap Company - "Otaku Baby" (Feat: Fujie Yoshimoto)