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City Hall has been left with red faces after a map in a landmark document plotting the future of the capital placed Sutton borough in the wrong place.

The London Infrastructure Plan 2050, billed by Boris Johnson as the first of its kind, was launched to much fanfare last week.

In the plan, planners explore how the city must provide more affordable housing, upgrade services such as the tube and crossrail, and look at internet offering.

However it appears Sutton will miss out on some of these glorious benefits, because the authors of the report do not know where the borough actually is.

Page 13 of the London 2050 Bigger and Better brochure, which deals with broadband coverage, shows Sutton north of Croydon, where in fact Crystal Palace would be found.

The borough should actually be to the west of Croydon and slightly below Merton.

A Greater London Authority spokesperson said: "The London Infrastructure Plan is a large and complex document that has taken a great deal of time and effort to bring together. 

"During this process, one chart among 600 pages of information has been misplaced. 

"This error will be rectified and we apologise for any upset that it may have caused."