The number of A* to C grades achieved by Sutton students in this year's GCSE exams has come in at 78.6 per cent- down from 95.6 per cent in 2013.

Despite that the figure is still well above the national average of 68.8 per cent- maintaining the borough's reputation for having some of the best schools in the country.

Exam regulator Ofqual told people to expect a higher variability in results, owing to changes in the way exams are taken.

A Sutton Council spokesperson said: "Our assessment is that the results decrease is due to the reforms implemented to the exam system.

"Results have been very varied across every local authority in London."

Across the UK there has been an overall increase in A* to C grades, with the average figure of 68.8 per cent up seven per cent on last summer, but there has been a sharp fall in the number of English GCSEs obtained.

One of the main alterations to the system is a return to linear exams, whereby students sit tests at the end of two years, rather than at various points during their course.

In English, speaking and listening parts of the module no longer contribute to the final grade.

One aspect of the changes that may have had a positive impact on the figures, is that less students are now encouraged to sit their exams early- a culture that is deemed not to be in the pupil's favour.

For a breakdown of the different GCSE results across Sutton schools, please see the entries below from yesterday's live feed. 


Sutton High School

The all-girls private school based in Cheam Road, Sutton achieved a 100 per cent pass rate.

98 per cent of the grades came in at A* to C, up from 96 per cent last year.

There was also a slight increase in A* to A grades, with this year's figure coming in at 66 per cent- a one per cent gain on 2013.

91 per cent of this year's results fell between A* and B.

Sutton High Shcool headmistress Katharine Crouch said: “I am delighted. 

"These results are stunning and reflect the hard work and commitment of both girls and staff.

"The girls’ achievement is also a reflection of the support of their parents, and everyone is to be congratulated."

Sutton Guardian:

Sutton High saw a 2% rise in A* to C grades


Wallington County Grammar School

Wallington County Grammar School repeated last year's success by achieving a100 per cent pass rate once again.

94 per cent of students managed to gain five A* to C's, and 100 out of the 130 entrants achieved seven A* to A grades.

10 per cent achieved 12 or more A* to A grades. 

Headmaster Jonathan Wilden said: "Very, very happy with today's GCSE examination results, which demonstrate the hard work of students, staff and parents in supporting each other."

 98.5 per cent of grades achieved came in at A* to C.

Sutton Guardian:

Wallington County Grammmar school students with cause for celebration


Carshalton High School for Girls

The academy based in West Street, Carshalton, matched last year's result for A* to C grades including English and maths- coming in at 57 per cent.

Excluding those subjects 73 per cent of results were A* to C, down 10 per cent on the 83 per cent achieved  last year.

21 per cent of grades have come in at A* to A, with 46 per cent falling between A* to B.

Headmistress Viviene Jones said: "We are delighted overall with our results this year. The high level of achievement secured in recent years has certainly been maintained." 

Sutton Guardian:

Headteacher Viviene Jones (left) is 'delighted' with the results


Wallington High School for Girls

2014 marks another successful year for Wallington High School for Girls, with 98.9 per cent of results falling between A* to C.

Including English and Maths 97.8 percent of grades fell in the A* to C bracket.

Headteacher Jane Burton said: “Another fantastic set of GCSE results for Wallington Girls, which is as a result of all the hard work shown by the students and the staff in the school.

"Just under 50% of all students achieved all A* to A grades, which is outstanding.

"Congratulations to everyone.”

The school achieved an overall pass rate of 100 per cent.


Sutton Grammar School

Sutton Grammar has managed to improved on its already impressive figures from 2013, with 99.6 per cent of students gaining A* to C grades.

This time round 86 per cent of grades fell between A* to A, up from 65 per cent last year.

Headteacher Gordon Ironside said: "I am very pleased with the GSCE results this year at Sutton Grammar – it was a strong year with several boys scoring A* in every subject, and a good cohesive and hard working group who got the results that their strong efforts deserved."

The school achieved an overall pass rate of 100 per cent.

Sutton Guardian:

Sutton Grammar students after finding out their results

Greenshaw High School

Greenshaw High School has seen a four per cent fall in its A* to C grades for subjects including English and maths since 2013, coming in at 72 per cent this year.

The Sutton-based academy achieved a pass rate of 99 per cent.

Sutton Guardian:

A student from Greenshaw High

Glenthorne High School

86 per cent of grades at Glenthorne High are between A* to C, a four per cent increase on last year.

60 per cent of the results were between A* to B- representing a one per cent increase on 2013.

A spokesperson from the school said: "Our gratitude goes to our year 11 teachers for another highly successful year, and for sustaining such high achievement at the school- a challenging task at a time of tightening exam standards."

The school's overall pass rate is unclear.


Stanley Park High School

Stanley Park High School's A* to C figure has come in three per cent shy of last year's record achievement of 55 per cent.

The Carshalton-based school has had 52 per cent of their grades for subjects including maths and English fall between A* and C.

A spokesperson from the school said: "As with their A Level counterparts, many GCSEs have been made more demanding this year. 

"Considering this, we are delighted that we managed to get close to our best ever result of 55 per cent."

Sutton Guardian:

Stanley Park High School students bust out 'mobots' after hearing last year's results


Nonsuch High School for Girls 

The Nonsuch based grammar school achieved a 100% pass rate, with all students receiving A-C in English and Maths.


Carshalton Boys Sports College

Carshalton Boys Sports College saw a one per cent fall in students who achieved five or more A* to C grades in subjects including maths and English- with a figure of 57% for 2014.

60 per cent of boys got a GCSE in maths and English- a record achievement for the school.

The overall pass rate for the school is unclear.


Wilson's School

Wilson's School in Wallington achieved an overall pass rate of 99.79 per cent.

They have not shared their percentage of A* to C grades results for this year.


St Philomena's Catholic High School for Girls

Results coming soon.


Cheam High School

Unfortunately the school and Sutton Council have failed to provide the results for Cheam High School.


John Fisher School

Unfortunately the school and Sutton Council have failed to provide the results for John Fisher School.


Overton Grange School

Unfortunately the school and Sutton Council have failed to provide the results for John Fisher School.


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