A serial burglar who evaded justice for nearly six years after leaving a handprint, has finally been caught following an appeal on Crimewatch.

Daniel Williamson broke into houses across Sutton, Wandsworth and Croydon, and has been hunted by police since his first known burglary back in 2008.

The 34-year-old was caught in June this year following an appeal on the TV show Crimewatch in April.

The Metropolitan Police are unable to confirm if Williamson was arrested as a direct result of appearing on the programme.

On July 9, 2008, he tried to break into a house in Cheriton Square, Balham, but was disturbed as he tried to force the door open.

Williamson became the main suspect after being spotted by someone in a car.

Police later recovered a print from the palm of his hand on the front door.

The Wandsworth Guardian ran a story in February 2013 about some of the police's most wanted gang crime and burglary suspects.

It featured a picture of Williamson, and members of the public were urged to come forward if they knew where he was.

In October last year he broke into a house in Court Drive, Sutton, while the owner was on holiday.

He was spotted once again and police were called after the house alarm started going off.

Officers found jewellery had been stolen and the property had been ransacked.

In November last year, Williamson broke into a house in Crossways, South Croydon, and made off with jewellery, a laptop, and several other items.

The burglar’s DNA was found - just as it was from the properties in Balham and Sutton.

On November 13 last year the Sutton Guardian ran an appeal, asking for witnesses of the Court Drive burglary to come forward.

In April last year, around the time of the Crimewatch broadcast, the Croydon Guardian ran a story about the borough’s most wanted gang crime and burglary suspects.

Williamson was on that list too and police asked again for any help from the public.

He was finally captured on June 4 this year and charged with three burglaries.

Williamson, who did not give any address, admitted all of the burglaries, and was sentenced to three years in prison at Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday, August 12.

Detective Constable Simon Nicholls, investigating officer at Croydon, said: "Williamson tried to evade capture for a number of years but in June we finally caught him. 

"His capture and subsequent sentence should act as a strong reminder to those who commit burglary that it will not be tolerated, and we will pursue offenders no matter what length of time."

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