A Sutton police and council initiative launched to deal with complex anti-social behaviour has dealt with twenty cases in its first year of operation.

Run by Safer Sutton Partnership Service , the group brings together police, council, social landlords, health and other agencies to look at the most difficult and complex cases.

In one instance a woman in her 50's was arrested and charged for harassing her neighbour who lived in a flat below.

A court heard she removed wardrobe doors from their hinges especially to bang them on the floor.

The man in his 30's was unable to get to sleep and ended up missing work.

The group supported the woman by ensuring she takes her anti-psychosis medication, working with mental health professionals, and also provided the victim with regular updates on the legal action.  

In another case an autism sufferer had making repeated 999 calls to emergency services to come to his address.

The man, 27, suffered with a fixation for blue flashing lights and would buy a new sim card or use the local payphone to contact emergency services. 

The group issued an Anti-Social Behaviour Contract, which is a voluntary agreement between all parties involved including the perpetrator,  who finally stopped the calls. 
Sergeant Graham Rice, who runs Sutton's Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, for has won a commendation for his work.

He said: "These cases are examples of our well-rounded approach to understand why people are doing what they are doing, but also to maintain a determination that their anti-social behaviour has to stop."