A new drugs rehab centre that will be built in a road in central Sutton has raised concerns as it looks to open next year.

Sutton Council gave the drug and alcohol rehab clinic in the central Sutton road the green light to be developed with a view to provide a combination of counselling and medical treatments to people suffering from addiction.

The centre in Orion House would be could stay open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and from 9am to 6pm on Saturdays, but would be closed on Sundays.

Tony Shields, Councillor for Sutton South, said: “I’m not against drug rehab centres, I’m all for it. But I want it to be in a more private area because there is always a culture of problems where drugs are concerned.

“I know Cedar Road is easily accessible for a lot of people, but you have got to look at who it benefits more, 50 drug users, or the wider community and I don’t think its residents.

“The centre is going to be in a lovely populated area and they will be dishing out methadone and it could lead to things going wrong. I’ll hold my hands up, I wouldn’t want it in my back yard, or my constituents’ yards.”

A 41-year-old woman was arrested for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs on the road last week.

But Colin Stears, lead councillor for public health said that partnership with INSPIRE would be an effective way to help people suffering from addiction.

In the summer Cedar Road residents told the Sutton Guardian that people were sleeping rough in stairwells and that some appeared to be using drugs.

“Sutton Council is expanding its borough-wide service for those affected by alcohol and drugs.”

“The council has been working closely with Cranstoun, a charity with over 45 years’ experience of delivering specialist alcohol and drug treatment.”

“The new service, INSPIRE, provided by Cranstoun and other local partners, will focus on clinical and psychological interventions, with health professionals always on hand to help those seeking treatment.”

“A new site in Cedar Road is due to open in February 2017. It will offer sessions with health and social care professionals, primarily by prior appointment, with some open access as well. No drugs will be dispensed from this site and it will be fully compliant with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.”

“We believe that this close partnership with such an experienced organisation is the best way to help those with drug and alcohol problems.”

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