Tory MP for Sutton and Cheam Paul Scully confirmed he has spoken to police investigating the Conservative Party’s undeclared election spending.

Mr Scully, who unseated Liberal Democrat Paul Burstow in the 2015 General Election, said he had done nothing wrong and was co-operating with the police investigation.

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His comments came after the Conservative Party was fined £70,000 following an Electoral Commission (EC) investigation into election campaign found the party had failed to declare more than £275,000 in expenses.

Police forces across the country have passed information to the Crown Prosecution Service after 20 Conservative MPs allegedly broke spending limits at the last general election.

A row over the party’s election expenses occurred last year following an investigation by Channel 4 News and the Daily Mirror, which alleged spending in marginal seats on battlebus tours were incorrectly recorded as party spend, rather than candidate spend.

What is the difference between party and campaign spend?

Sutton Guardian:

Labour and the Lib Dems were both slapped with a £20,000 fine by the Electoral Commission, last year, for failing to declare hundreds of payments were missing from their spending returns.

Breaking the spending limit could result in guilty parties being jailed for one year, or face an unlimited fine.

The Sutton and Cheam MP said: “I have done nothing wrong. The EC can be complicated at the best of times and it comes down to whether it was part of party spend or campaign spend.

“I have spoken to the police, but I can’t see it going too far. They have to do their job and they will not be the only ones in the country to say they will not look into it. I have fully co-operated with their investigation, absolutely.

“This was from a single campaign about a bus. We didn’t pay for people to stay in a hotel, they stayed for an hour or two on the night of the election and it won’t have shipped up the votes.

“It’s a bit frustrating because I had room to put it in the budget and I could have put it down if I knew.

“The party has clearly made a mistake in not reporting different spending, but they have been robust about the issue since.”

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Neighbouring Conservative MP for Kingston and Surbiton, James Berry, admitted he had been approached by officers and is cooperating with their investigations, but said he ‘had done nothing wrong’.

He said: “There is an ongoing police investigation and as such I'd prefer not to comment other than to say I've done nothing wrong and I acted honestly and properly throughout my election campaign.

“I have been cooperating with the Met and am happy to continue to co-operate with the investigation."