A single mum has expressed her “frustration” after a burst toilet took more than a week for Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) to fix despite the condition of her three year old son.

Faye Horsnell, 31, has a three year-old son who suffers from respiratory issues and develops infections easily.

The boy has been on life support three times since his birth.

Last Wednesday, August 2, the toilet in their apartment in Sutton burst causing flooding.

Faye was immediately worried about her son obtaining an infection and she called the landlords to get the situation rectified.

However, after dozens of calls, a written letter and visits to the SHP, plumbers were only called this morning to fit a brand new toilet after over a week of using a broken one.

“I was in a right panic,” Faye told Sutton Guardian. “My boy can’t breathe in dirty toilet water. How was this not an emergency?

“He was coughing a lot last night and I had to sit up with him for two hours before going to bed. He is on quite a few inhalers and medicines. Any little thing can affect him.

“He goes to hospital every single month for a couple of hours with the intensive care respiratory specialist.”

The mum added that she felt like a burden.

“I didn’t want to come across rude but it’s very frustrating and upsetting. It feels like they look at me and think this is another benefits mum living in our property.”

Faye said she worked as a nurse for St Helier Hospital for eight years until the father of her twins left, forcing her to move into social housing.

Discussing the damage of the burst toilet, Faye commented: "The whole of the carpet was flooded which I paid for. The only reason I did was because my son can’t live in conditions with no flooring. They wouldn’t help me with that when I moved it last October. It cost me 171 pounds to do it and then 160 pounds for his building. "

“It was appalling," Faye said in relation to her treatment. "They took so long. They were just happy to leave the toilet water everywhere. It really upsets me. Me and my family were not cared for even with my little boy’s health.

“They didn’t care. They look at me as another single parent that doesn’t work. That’s not me. But they didn’t bother themselves about me.”

Sutton Housing Partnership has been given the opportunity to respond to Faye's claims.